AlphaMax Realty Inc - Robbed of Security Deposit

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Alice Yang DuBois robbed my family of a $1,300.00 security deposit, and is retaliating against us, which is unethical according to the Texas Property Code. She had work done to the house we were living in and failed to call the gas company before digging, which is the law, and ruptured the gas line and put my Stepson in danger.

When I complained to her, she told me I was acting like a girl. I reported her to the gas company and they told me she was to be fined.

I received threatening emails from her stating she was going to withhold our security deposit and now she has acted on it and we are out $1,300.00. She is a crook and unethical.


Review about: Real Esate Landlord.

Monetary Loss: $1300.



I found this post (a couple years too late) while researching another property I am hoping to rent.

Ms. DuBois did the same thing to my family a couple years ago, I wish someone would've reported her back then it would've saved me a LOT of aggravation and headache after trying to get my deposit back. She claimed we did damage to the house, which she never documented (nor I for hat matter, live and learn) and I was not aware I could fight it (again, live and learn). In the end I was out our deposit and an additional $10. She is very nice at first but don't you dare bother her after you are in the house, she will avoid calls and treat you like you are a problem, talking down to you and issuing veiled threats she even hinted about keeping out deposit.

My advice is to deal NOT rent from her, and I now see she is a real estate agent, I wouldn't use her in any capacity.

We will never deal with her again and my only reason for posting is to warn other so that they do not fall prey to her.

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